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Teaching Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education - a C-SAP Resource Guide

Welcome to the Teaching Race and Ethnicity website, hosted by C-SAP, the Higher Education Academy Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics. C-SAP offers a variety of ways to support teaching and learning within our subject areas, and this site is one one example of how we are engaging with our subject communities and developing new and innovative resources. The picture montage to the right is an example of some of our image resources hosted in slide.com. See more about this in our resource page.

The Teaching Race and Ethnicity website is intended for all interested scholars, researchers, teachers and others who want to engage with key issues of race, ethnicity, diversity, multiculture and racism. The aim is to provide critical resources and suggestions for teaching, learning and assessment. It is hoped that the site will become a focal point for discussion and progressive ideas for enabling understanding, eradicating misconceptions and confronting racisms in educational practice and in society more generally.

Over the past few years, the theme of teaching "race and ethnicity" has developed into a sustained area of activity for C-SAP, and we hope that this site will help to bring together some of the outputs of this work so far, and help provide a direction for future work. Please treat this site as a work in progress, and send your comments to us.

How to use this site

It is suggested that practitioners in this area may make use of the materials contained within this site in a variety of ways.


Firstly there are lecture materials, notes and PowerPoint slides. These can be used freely and modified to suit the purposes of the session(s). (Please reference material to the site and the specific authors where given). There are also a variety of visual materials which are here to be used (again giving the appropriate citations to the producer and C-SAP website). All of these materials can be found from our resources overview section. As the site develops we hope more materials will be contributed as well as thoughts about the practice of teaching and researching in this area. We welcome contributions of material including video clips, single images, presentations and text documents.

This site also contains related resources, or links to related resources, form the main C-SAP website, such as our Monographs on the theme of teaching race, and information from past events.

Getting involved

If you would like to register an interest in C-SAP's race and ethnicity related work, or become involved the Race Research Group, please download and return the form on our feedback page.